Natural Skin Care Techniques You Will Enjoy Doing

Why does beauty always have to come with pain?  Why do we always have to use those harsh smelling chemicals on our faces? And do they really need to cost that much? Many women have found themselves asking these very same questions day after day. Maybe it’s time you try some natural skin care techniques that will cost you much less and has been proven to be effective time and again. Skeptics often claim that there is little we can do with these so called ‘ineffective home remedies’ but what do you have to lose? Why not give these few simple tips a try for a couple weeks and see whether you will not start to love your skin?

Vitamin C

By now, you should be aware that vitamin C is found in all fresh fruits and vegetables. But does it really help your skin? Be assured that is does! Every dose of this little powerhouse is loaded with antioxidants which prevent your skin from being damaged by ultra-violet rays. These same anti-oxidants are said to prevent cancer too. It must however be said that eating a dozen oranges may not give you the desired effect in your skin, but there are several inexpensive natural skin care products that are loaded with this vitamin, thus making it possible for your skin to easily absorb it. So instead of buying another thick, harsh smelling facial cream, invest in a facial product that also has vitamin C.

Cod Liver Oil

Who of us doesn’t remember this as the awful tasting tonic our parents forced us to drink when we were younger?  Did you know that Cod Liver Oil is also good for not only healthy joints, but also maintaining beautiful skin? This extract is loaded with vitamin D and A, which are both notorious for making skin soft and supple. Be careful to not exceed the daily recommended allowances for each nutrient, since both become toxic if consumed in excessive amounts.


No natural skin care regime would be complete without adequate amounts of water. Drinking eight glasses a day will do more than keep your thirst away. Water is needed for most bodily functions, including waste removal. Insufficient amounts of water will lead to excess oil and body toxins, accumulating on your face and skin. This often causes acne and other skin irritations. Drinking sufficient amounts of water will prevent these unsightly discomforts. Drinking enough water also prevents dehydration. This is essential since deep set wrinkles will result if you have excessively dry skin. And who of us needs more wrinkles?